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...but just barely.
I caught this very nasty flu bug almost three weeks ago, and I can't get out of it. The major problem is the cough which just doesn't. let. me. sleep. I don't have the energy to do anything, and I did work last week on an average two hours of sleep a day. That is, if I could sleep at all...

Starting tomorrow, I'm on sick leave again, to the joy of my boss. But I do see the doctor's point; and I know that when I feel sorry for myself over stupid things (like having to go on sick leave), it means that I cannot really think clearly, so I'm sick.

I am sick. God I hate it!

This is a pointless entry, right? But if I don't post it, it will be another week or two before I post something else, and I thought maybe you'd like to know what's happening with me. I made the effort of signing up for the VQ Christmas exchange - have you? - and I'd like to thank Silv for the calendar she sent me. Now that did cheer me up, even in my current sorry state.

I don't have the energy to stick around or read, so please let me know what's happening with you, guys. Take care of yourselves, please. *sends hugs from a distance so as not to infect anyone*
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...but I can't leave town without telling you about it. It's not that you expected me to post and leave comments every day in these past few weeks, and yet.

So I'm going on a trip with my work, and will be back on Saturday. Be good while I'm away and don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;)

*hugs to all*

PS> Did the option to preview your post really disappear or is it just my computer acting up? I'm bummed, it was a useful tool I liked a lot.
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I'm voting for lurking, so that's what I'm gonna do when I have as little time as last week. What do you think? Because I'm sure as hell that I won't have time to catch up so following you without commenting is a lot better than missing out.

Gosh do I miss you guys.

Work ate my life. I had about 8 hours overtime last week, and when I got home I fell asleep in my armchair. I really hope it will get easier because this is no life. And I will want to spend time with Silv in the very near future. (Shouldn't we start organizing something? It feels like it's way past time for that.)

I really didn't come here to complain or give my excuses but there is really nothing else in my life at the moment. Or yeah, there is one more thing I can think of. If you ever here about Hungarian politics on your news, please pretend that I live in a completely different country that accidentally has the same name. I don't want to call the PM a dickhead and an asshole because that would be an insult to the dickheads and assholes of the world. You thought Bush was bad? He shines in comparison, believe me. (And I don't even have an opinion on him to start with.)

Urgh, politics. No wonder I hardly ever write about it. But please do comment and tell me what's happening with you. Emails I always read. Oh and [livejournal.com profile] kittyrefuge, thanks for the v-gifts!

Ps. If I owe you a post card for the vicarious vacation exchange, please raise your hand. I think I lost count.
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Here is how my life is/was these past weeks.

My sister is here visiting. She arrived last Sunday and will be leaving tomorrow. I'm getting tired of having to do everything for her which isn't nice but 1. she's a slob; and 2. she does not do a thing while here.

See, I have nothing against slobs but it's not my style. I try to swallow my tongue but every once in a while something slips out about some mess somewhere and then we are both frustrated. And then there is the fact that I have to take care of her like I would a husband.

Honestly, it's no accident I'm not married. I would have killed the man by now. Or trained him to do some housework. My sister does none of it and I'm exhausted.

Okay, so I'm gonna stop whining but there is another thing that keeps me away from LJ: work. Are we surprised?

My job description changed completely in the beginning of the month. Someone got sick at work (cancer, poor thing), and they gave me her job as I'm the only one who can do that. At least everyone says so but I'm scared to death. It's something I've never done before and while I think all will be fine I cannot be sure just yet.

In a few weeks it will be easier but right now I'm working by butt off, bringing stuff home and everything. Add to this my sister and you'll see why I'm happy just to hit my bed at the end of the day. But I regret not being able to be here...

So sorry, m'dears! My sister is leaving tomorrow though, so let's hope I'll have a little more time. I'm gonna extend my LOTR month too, because I missed a lot, shame on me.

In the mean time, let me know what's happening to you, please. Whether you comment with a novel or a link to a post of yours, I'm interested in all; I just don't think I'll be able to read all 500 posts on my f-page that I missed... :(
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My disappearing act was a smashing success, yeah?

It was actually a surprise trip, idea by my sister. I didn't go far, only to their house, but I got pampered like whoa. It was nice; I didn't even cook this time. :)

It was good to be in their house and not just with them, actually, since they do have AC. We are having those heat alert days again, with possible new high temperature record tomorrow. The old is 40.2 C; disgusting. My heat rashes are spreading, despite the therapy cream.

Thank you guys, for all the gifts and well-wishes for my birthday. I only had time to run through them, I should be in bed already - so I'm gonna read and savor and thank you properly tomorrow. But let me tell you one thing: I'm extremely thankful to have you as my friends. ♥

I also missed to send out some birthday wishes myself, I know. Since they are late already, I'm gonna send them out tomorrow. I did think of you, I just had no way to express it. *hugs*

And now the Olympic news at the end: we won our third golden medal. Krisztian Berki, male gymnast, pommel horse (or whatever it's called). I might have missed to report on the second one, but I'm gonna assemble a gallery et the end for your entertainment - or boredom. :P

And now good night, sleep better than I'm gonna in this heat... *hugs*
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I'm gonna try this listing format, we'll see how it works out for an update.

1. WE WON OUR FIRST GOLD MEDAL AT THE OLYMPICS!!!!! It's Fencing, Men's Sabre, Aron Szilagyi. I'm so proud!

2. We also have a silver and a bronze medal; and we are 6th on the medal chart, tied with Brazil. We will slip back, of course, but it's so nice to see it, even for a short time. :)

3. The water polo team, however, lost to Serbia. They're not out of the race yet, though, but they need a kick. LOL

4. We had a huge scary storm just now, with lightning hitting our building. And if it wasn't our building -it probably wasn't because there's no aftermath- then it's the one next door. I closed my door and turned off the electric kettle, which was completely illogical since I left the tv and the computer on. *gg*

5. I have heat rashes on me, URGH!

6. If you still want to give a try to my game regarding what I was reading, go back and see if you can figure it out. You know you want to! :P (I even gave a hint.) Only one correct guess so far, by [livejournal.com profile] gaily2.

7. I really don't feel like working tomorrow.

8. Josh Lucas is a hunk. Just saying. Although I absolutely disagree with his breaking up habits.

9. I should go to bed but a handball game is coming up. Plus isn't completed yet.

10. Next month will be LOTR month, me and [livejournal.com profile] nverland agreed. You can join in the fun; the more the merrier, you know.

I should stop now because I started rambling, right? =D G'night, m'dears!
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Would someone please turn it off?


We've been on extreme heat alert for ten days now. :/ That means we have 35-38 C during tthe day and 25-28C at nights. My place is 29 C and I'm sweating buckets. Eww. I want to be a polar bear.

heat polar bear

Yes, cold or water or both, bring it on.
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I'm trying to get into the habit of posting again. We'll see how that works because I've never kept a diary and there isn't much interaction in LJ these days - not much action either - but hopefully that will change. Why it would change in July though, I have no idea. That's why the lets see...

Anyway, I've been reading lots of fanfic lately, so I brought a rec: time is a tree by [livejournal.com profile] chaosmanor. Enjoy!
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I have abut a year documented in photos and an LJ crapbook I've yet to figure out. Takes time, to say the least and I'm grumpy about it. But easy times will come at work, I'll try my best, 'kay?

Also, R.I.P. Ray Bradbury. You wrote awesome novels; thank you for them.
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I'll try to come and read you guys tomorrow, but I think commenting will be rare since I have a lot to catch up with. And [livejournal.com profile] sier96, those socks are epic. Thank you soooo much!

*hugs f-list*