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Is it just me or is LJ out again? Just my luck, when I finally want to post...
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We had our first real snow worth talking about today and of course it was a total chaos. Officials always announce how ready they are for snow and they never are. Everybody is just laughing at them as they are explaining on the news how the disaster is not their fault. This year we even have a committee to make up excuses. (Let's not talk about politics anymore.)

Good thing is, we had a snow day at work. I went in anyway, but it was so much easier without people around. I made a serious dent in the piled up stuff I had on my desk.

My paid LJ account expired and I'm not sure I want to expand. I don't know what to do, really; LJ has been my home for so long, but it's becoming more and more unreliable. But I don't want to move either.

My solution is Dreamwidth for now. I imported everything already, and if I don't forget it, I will crosspost from now on. If you have a DW account, find me; I'll gladly "friend" you.

And now, on to replying to comments. Hopefully. If I don't get to yours, I'm sorry. *hugs*
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I can't see comments. Anywhere. All I see is the usual notice on after the post that it has x number of comments, and that's it. And not just only in my LJ but in other people's as well.

I can find other ways to see the comments but replying to them one by one is a bummer. Not to mention that I cannot change the icon for my replies.

I'm fairly certain it's just a little setting detail somewhere but I can't find it. :(((
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I have abut a year documented in photos and an LJ crapbook I've yet to figure out. Takes time, to say the least and I'm grumpy about it. But easy times will come at work, I'll try my best, 'kay?

Also, R.I.P. Ray Bradbury. You wrote awesome novels; thank you for them.
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I'll try to come and read you guys tomorrow, but I think commenting will be rare since I have a lot to catch up with. And [livejournal.com profile] sier96, those socks are epic. Thank you soooo much!

*hugs f-list*
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After deleting cookies and restarting for the nth time, I finally got my f-page back! I'm sooooo happy!

I tried to read everything but I didn't comment too much, I know. I just didn't have time. If depression doesn't hold me too tight tomorrow, I'll be back to the regular program. I'll also reply to comments. :)

*hugs whole f-list*
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I cannot access my f-page. These attacks have to stop, 'kay? I'm not happy at all! :(
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New layout! My old one was almost a year old, the anniversary would have been on January 15, and quite boring by now. (Gosh I hope I didn't forget to save the header...) This new one is fresh and gay and Orlando-ish with those colors and stripes and I could stare at the header for hours :) Heartfelt thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hammil77! *squishes*

I also caved in and bought some LJ-time because the lack of icons drove me to tears... The only good thing is that I didn't support SixApart with this money, just as I promised to myself back then.

Okay, this post sounded like some boring public announcement but anyway... come and see the pretty. There is no bad timing for eye-candy ;)
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